We Pride ourselves on our
quick response time

We’re a first-class, no-nonsense outfit with the experience and instincts to turn a job around quickly. It’s not unusual for us to get a quote out to a prospective customer the same day we receive the request.

We’ve been known to complete an entire production line, from order through installation and start-up in less than a year.

In a world where time is money we do things efficiently and we do them right the first time. 


Parts large & small, we are equipped across the spectrum

Machining &

We have extensive capabilities and are accustomed to producing small parts as well as fabricaitons that are massive in scale.


Our high-quality coatings extend the service life of valuable components while reducing overall maintenance.


Using wire edm largely alleviates the need for special tooling, saving money and lead time.

3D Laser

We harness the precision and speed of our CO2 laser to produce prototypes, samples, and small to mid-range runs of production lots.


We have a unique set of complimentary offerings that allow us to keep most of our jobs in our shop and therefore under our direction.

Project Highlights

We have a comprehensive portfolio of projects — from precision machining close tolerance, high-value components to building complex tooling and machinery.

Submarine Carriage Transfer Car

Project 1

Physically moving submarines during the building process is a major undertaking. The system used by one of the primary builders was designed and built over 40 years ago. Maintenance of this system has become a major problem when various electrical and hydraulic components are no longer available.

Brodeur Machine Company, Inc. was selected as the prime contractor for upgrading the system. This work included a complete strip-down and rebuild/refinish of all mechanical components. Hydraulic and electrical components were totally replaced as well.

Custom Brush Breaker

Project 2

Brodeur Machine had the opportunity to help out a local community with their unique vehicle requirements. A rural fire department needed a majorly fortified frame designed, fabricated and installed on their brush breaker – affectionately named BRUTUS ll.

BMC created a crash rail system to assist the truck in reaching its destination quickly and safely. We then fabricated it out of steel and installed it on the truck. These enhancements help ensure that the truck gets where it needs to go, when it needs to go there!

Large Sheave Repair

Project 3

Built in 1933 the Cape Cod Railroad Bridge was in need of major maintenance by 2002. The US Army Corps of Engineers began a comprehensive rehabilitation effort, including replacement of cables, machinery, and electrical systems, at a cost of $30 million and under a strict timeline to reopen in 2003.

Brodeur Machine was contacted by the USACE to assist in the removal and replacement of the shafts on the 8 sheaves that are used to raise and lower the bridge. Maintaining a tight timeline, BMC coordinated with outside trucking to have a continuous process of flame cutting out the damaged shafts, shrink fitting the newly machined shafts in custom built enclosures and sandblasting and repainting the finished sheaves.

Small Milled Medical Component

Project 4

The “wrist joint,” was a challenging job for many reasons: primarily size and how to hold it to mill, but also the extremely tight tolerances that needed to be achieved. The glass filled peek took time and patience and a large degree of trouble shooting. The customer came to Brodeur Machine with this challenge and also with an understanding of the magnitude of importance that was related to this project. This small piece is part of an assembly that is placed in the arm of a surgical robot. The wrist allows the arm to articulate and accomplish its task non invasively. By and large saving time, money and removing a litany of risks associated with any operation.

This piece was a prototype for a now incredibly widely used device that has revolutionized the medical landscape!

Means Quality

We thoroughly examine all of our work and fully inspect all machines and components before they are sent to you.



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