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In addition to our primary services, our auxiliary services allow us to keep most of our jobs in our shop and therefore under our direction. Maintaining control of the process adds assurance that your job is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail.


We have a full in-house painting facility equipped with two full-time in-house painters familiar with a variety of coating systems. We have a newly installed advanced drying & curing coating booth with dedicated temperature controlled compartments for applications and mixing.

This additional service moves our projects through the shop knowing that the coatings we are using will be applied in the optimal environment for success. In addition our ability to design and fabricate custom fixtures for unique jobs ensures we maintain fluidity to achieve the best outcome.

Sand and
Bead Blasting

We offer sand and bead blasting. This process and equipment enhances any prep or finish work that may be required on material as an intermediate or final finish step. See equipment listing for specs.

Heat treat

We are able to heat treat parts in-house up to 12” X 19” X 19”. This flexibility bolsters our ability to perform tool and die work efficiently without needing to involve many outside services.


Our dedicated grinding shop consists of a wide range of surface and cylindrical grinding equipment. We are equipped to surface grind parts up to 48” and cylindrical grind up to 28” X 120”


Contact us directly to learn more about our comprehensive machining and fabrication services or to discuss a specific project or challenge.