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Automation & Control Systems

Our goal at Brodeur is to provide customers with a customized turn-key solution that works reliably & safely right from the start. During this phase of the build our assembly team develops the control systems, bringing the machine to life. Through a rigorous testing process our technicians continue to setup & fine tune the machine until everything is working 100% safely and reliably.

Configuring Control Systems

Using products from Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE, Yaskawa, CTC, Direct Logix and others, we support a wide variety of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) making it easy for your new machine to integrate into your existing system. Since it’s unlikely for one integrator to be efficient with all PLC languages available, we partner with various PLC programmers vendors who specialize in logic of a particular PLC’s. This way, you can be certain your machine program was written correctly and efficiently.

Commissioning & Debug

With the control system in place our assembly team can now step through each individual function & movement of the machine, making mechanical and PLC programming adjustments as needed. We continue this process until the machine can run through full sequences problem free. Once running automatically the machine is then subjected to a battery of real-world sequence scenarios to uncover any problems that may arise.

Safety System Testing

Machine safety is of utmost importance to us. With the machine fully functional, our team can thoroughly test all of the safety systems and their redundancies before delivery. You can be assured the machine will operate safely within your facility and around your employees. All our machines meet or exceed NEC, NFPA, and Osha regulations for operator and machine safety.

Automation / Machine Building

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Case Studies

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Machine Building

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